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« If you have trouble imagining a 20% loss in the stock market, you shouldn't be in stocks.
John Bogle


We are committed to saving you time and facilitating your decision-making. Therefore, we favor entry calls and arrange exclusive services, compliant with MiFID II requirements and customized to your individual needs. We provide analyst calls and meetings, corporate access and on-site visits. Over and above our Reports, we supply earnings forecasts and valuation assessments. We can also host thematic conferences and webinars. For any specific request, please use the “Specific request” ad hoc section.


For any specific request or further information about our products and services, please click on the "Request" button below, complete the form and submit your particular enquiry. We will do our best to process and answer your request rapidly.



You have the opportunity to follow up on a specific Report. As part of an exclusive and private 60-minute OoO meeting, we will endeavor to answer your questions. Specify whether you prefer this meeting to be conducted by phone, webinar or set up as a regular face-to-face appointment.



GiraffEquity has time-tested predictive and pricing models. If you are interested in accessing our earnings forecasts and valuation assessments for a specific company under coverage, please send us your request. We will consider and reply to your request as soon as possible.



If you are an institutional investor and would like to meet the management team of a covered company directly, please feel free to ask. We will endeavour to organize a 60-minute exclusive conference call for you, conducted by phone or webinar. We can also arrange a face to face meeting.



You might be interested in visiting the production facilities of a company covered by GiraffEquity. In this case, please send us your request. We will try to arrange an event for you that can ensure a direct and exclusive insight into the processes and operations of the company selected.



We can organize a call or webinar with several professional clients sharing mutual interests, to follow up on a specific Report. The call or webinar will last 60 minutes. After a 5-minute introduction, we go straight to Q&A. You can also request GiraffEquity's contribution for your own event.




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Far-sighted and fair-minded systemic analysis. Independent corporate research for institutional investors and professional stakeholders. Three-pillar architecture: Governance, Strategy and Financials. Integrated fundamental analysis. Quality ratings and risk maps. Tracking turning points. Idea-driven research. Focus on French Small & Midcaps. Direct access to valuable, targeted information.

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